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Youtube views (source : http://www.statoz.com/danish )

Top ten is owned by Burhan, Rasmus & Medina

1 Burhan G - Tættere På Himlen Ft. Nik & Jay 8181923 views
2 Medina -Kun for mig 6719390 views
3 Medina - Vi To 6507362 views
4 Burhan G - Mest Ondt feat. Medina 5919876 views
5 Natasja - Gi' mig Danmark tilbage 5776866 views
6 Xander - Det burde ikk være sådan her 5729762 views
7 Rasmus Seebachs - Den jeg er 4876166 views
8 Sminkedukker -Sminkedukke Sangen 4836805 views
9 Rasmus Seebach - Natteravn 4796725 views
10 Rasmus Seebach - Lidt I Fem 4459797 views
11 Rasmus Seebach - Glad Igen 4319018 views
Top ten is owned by Burhan, Rasmus & Medina

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