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Label:Universal Music
Entry:28/03/2014 (Position 12)
Last week in charts:04/04/2014 (Position 36)
Peak:12 (1 weeks)
Music/Lyrics:Jake Sinclair
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin
Producer:Jake Sinclair
World wide:
ch  Peak: 26 / weeks: 2
de  Peak: 35 / weeks: 6
at  Peak: 21 / weeks: 2
fr  Peak: 40 / weeks: 11
nl  Peak: 13 / weeks: 10
be  Peak: 20 / weeks: 5 (Vl)
  Peak: 33 / weeks: 1 (Wa)
se  Peak: 46 / weeks: 8
dk  Peak: 12 / weeks: 2
es  Peak: 5 / weeks: 14
au  Peak: 1 / weeks: 22
nz  Peak: 1 / weeks: 16

Digital Promo
Capitol 00602537736768

Digital Capitol -
1. She Looks So Perfect
Promo - Digital Capitol 00602537736768 (UMG) / EAN 0602537736768
1. She Looks So Perfect (Mikey Demo Vocal)
2. Heartache On The Big Screen
3. The Only Reason
4. What I Like About You

28/03/2014: N 12.
04/04/2014: 36.
3:22She Looks So PerfectCapitol
Mikey Demo Vocal3:24She Looks So Perfect [Promo]Capitol
3:22So Fresh: The Hits Of Autumn 2014Sony
3:22Now That's What I Call Music! 87Now
3:22Hitzone 69Sony
3:25Bravo Hits 85Polystar
060075351212 (8)
3:26Bravo Hits 85Polystar
060075351207 (4)
3:23MNM Big Hits 2014 Vol. 2Warner
3:23Megahits - Sommer 2014Warner
3:245 Seconds Of SummerCapitol
06025 3784467
3:245 Seconds Of Summer [Deluxe Edition]Capitol
06025 3785688
3:22Now That's What I Call Music! 51 [US]Legacy
3:24NRJ Extravadance 2014 - Summer EditionUMSM
535 340 5
3:23NRJ Hits 2014 Volume 2WEA
3:24NRJ 200% Hits 2014 Vol. 2UMSM
535 447 3
3:24So Fresh - 15 Years Of The Greatest HitsUniversal
3:23Het beste uit de MNM 1000 [2015]Universal
3:22Het beste uit de MNM 1000 [2016]Universal
5 Seconds Of Summer5 Seconds Of Summer: Discography / Become a fan

She Looks So Perfect2014-03-28122
Good Girls2014-05-23181
Don't Stop2014-06-20181
Kiss Me Kiss Me2014-07-0471
Everything I Didn't Say2014-07-0481

5 Seconds Of Summer2014-07-11116
Sounds Good Feels Good2015-11-0632
American Idiot
Beside You
Better Man
Broken Home
Catch Fire
Don't Stop
Empty Wallets
End Up Here
English Love Affair
Everything I Didn't Say
Fly Away
Ghost Of You
Girls Talk Boys
Good Girls
Gotta Get Out
Heartache On The Big Screen
Heartbreak Girl
Hey Everybody!
I Miss You
If Walls Could Talk
Independence Day
Jet Black Heart
Just Saying
Kiss Me Kiss Me
Lie To Me (5 Seconds Of Summer feat. Julia Michaels)
Lie To Me
Long Way Home
Lost Boy
Meet You There
Monster Among Men
Moving Along
Mrs All American
Never Be
Out Of My Limit
Outer Space / Carry On
Over And Over
Permanent Vacation
Safety Pin
San Francisco
She Looks So Perfect
She's Kinda Hot
Social Casualty
Take What You Want (One Ok Rock feat. 5 Seconds Of Summer)
Talk Fast
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
The Only Reason
The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Try Hard
Voodoo Doll
Want You Back
Waste The Night
What I Like About You
When You Walk Away
Wherever You Are
Why Won't You Love Me
Woke Up In Japan
Wrapped Around Your Finger
5 Seconds Of Summer
Somewhere New EP
Sounds Good Feels Good
How Did We End Up Here? - Live At Wembley Arena
Average points: 2.83 (Reviews: 86)
I like it. Take me back a decade or so and I'd be loving this.
Last edited: 30.03.2014 04:02
I went into this with an open mind before its release but was thoroughly disappointed. I hated it at the time and I must say I still don't like it much. Some of the vocals get a bit much, although it doesn't bother me as much as it used to and it is noticeably worse on other songs of theirs. It could also do without the American Apparel underwear mention and the music video is still so tacky. I've never been a fan of this type of the sound and the way some fans have gone on about how different it is to One Direction and how edgy they are for liking it.

As for positives, I will admit it's catchy and seems moreso in 2018 than at the time. Plus even though I don't like it, it certainly doesn't make me that angry anymore either. It is fascinating coming back to this in 2018 with the context of having it been overtaken as their biggest hit by "Youngblood", a song released in 2018.
Last edited: 11.12.2018 13:03
Surprisingly not that bad. Bound to be a hit.
Ein nettes Jungs-Rumgegröhle mit passablen Refrain und umso besser ausgearbeiteten Strophen.

Überzeugt im mäßigen Ausmaße.
I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics, and as long as I continue to do so, I'll probably continue enjoying it.

EDIT: The lyrics did end up annoying me a bit. Actually they have for quite some time, I've just been slow on updating my song rating.

4* -> 3*
Last edited: 16.03.2015 08:07
Certainly better than the average One Direction song. Sure, the production is a little weaker but at least the approach isn't so cliched.
It's catchy.
Its alright, some of those lyrics are bad though, mainly the one "You look so perfect standing there
In my American Apparel underwear" makes me cringe..
Stück mit "Hey, hey, hey, hey" für die Teenies in Down Under – alles andere als berauschend, 2*…
Boygroup Müll
bin ich tatsächlich derjenige, der hier die bisher höchste note gibt? :) mir gefällt der song und das video finde ich ganz witzig...
Niet al te fameus, dit nummer van de boysband "5 Seconds Of Summer" uit de lente van 2014. Maar er zal best wel een doelgroep voor zijn.
▒ ┌∩┐sh (◣_◢) it┌∩┐ ☺!!!
I really wish I didn't have to give a rating to give a review, or at the very least I wish it wasn't displayed at the top so it's the first thing you see. I'm much more interested in why someone has an opinion than just what that is. If I were to embrace this, then I recommend skipping the next three paragraphs, because that's just a summation of what leads me to my feelings and how they may or may not have some influence (I also struggle to articulate my thoughts in a tidy way, so it will also be difficult to read).

First some background: I cannot actually recall when I first came to know of this group. Possibly in early 2013 though I certainly never investigated their music, why bother when I can just ignore them? Of course, that would be only temporary as by the end of the year it would be hard not to acknowledge them via a totally insubstantial competition which is weirdly fun despite being mundane. I like to be in the know, so in the course of that, I was constantly checking for any potentially noteworthy updates in social media. What did I find? I found my time constantly wasted having to scroll through page after page of incidentally timed & suspiciously similarly worded shouts of praise for this group. It's kind of weird how these things can just surface seemingly overnight.

On the other end of the spectrum (though not quite as loudly voiced), I was constantly informed that they are some kind of 'shit boy band' and the worst thing ever. With this sort of conflict, obviously I had to do the unthinkable: Listen to the material on show. Their first EP "Somewhere New" is thoroughly listenable. A bit of a blander The 1975, but still nothing that evoked much of a reaction from me. Of course it would become exceedingly difficult for me to maintain my 'eh, they're ok' view in light of the unsavoury turn of events which would work out great for 5 Seconds Of Summer and their fans, not so much for me. Some 'internal influence' makes it easier for me to ignore that though and not get worked up about it and fortunately I've been able to mostly keep them out of my way since then, so things are alright there.

Anyhow, they never really did much to make me curious of what was to follow, though I knew it was coming. Really I was just hoping that it wouldn't be anything offensively bad. I mean, from a marketing point of view, it hardly could have mattered what it was, and this song had the pre-order strength to chart highly before there was *any* content known. It was quite hilarious that someone shortly after uploaded a different song under this name, and it did generate a lot of clickage as if it were the genuine article. Clearly they should release a pure dubstep track just to see what the reaction is!

It's a shame really because when this finally did see the light of day, I had an immediate allergic reaction to it. In recent years, I have been re-evaluating what I like in music. Tuneless pop rock has gone way down in my stocks, primarily I'm after melody, mood, and tiny subtleties that I can cue right to the second as I give a 50th listen, which is still as fresh as ever before. This sort of music just doesn't really deliver on those grounds. Not only do you pretty much hear everything on first listen, there's not much in that. Traversing the chorus is particularly a nightmare. The drums & guitars have been so neatly polished that there's no character to them, no atmosphere, and no tune. It's genuinely just 'DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN'. Rock is about energy, there needs to be something going on to pay off somewhere, but I hear nothing in it. Perhaps the one slight positive I have is that towards the end of the chorus, another guitar comes in over the top of the noise wall and finally injects some melody into the occasion! It's oh so short but a relief.

I do have a gripe with the lyrics there too. Yeah there's a cringeworthy line in there, but then the whole thing is of concern: 'She' is described through the clothes she is/is not wearing, and we're greeted afterwards with 'I'm so down'. In most contexts, this would be fine. The implications here are...not the sort of thing I'd expect from this demographic. Now THAT makes me cringe and squirm hearing it.

Essentially my issue is that this has the potential to be totally inoffensive, but the chorus just ruins everything. My disappointment elevated when I listened to the Mikey Demo Vocal version on the EP. When that started I thought I was in a whole new world of suck, but I quickly realised that all the changes were for the better. Vocal effects! Drums that actually make it out of the mix alive! The lyrics are still there, but it's just so much more raw and I actually hear things that are interesting. Only because I just listened to it 10 times in a row do I want to make a comparison, but this version makes me think of Haim's "My Song 5", which elevated my respect for the group more than just another solid single could, showing they had the guts to put a totally unfiltered and unsettling track on their debut album, which also doubled as pretty awesome in its own right. So I have developed a strong dislike of whoever mixed this, as they've forced me into a corner where I cannot like this. In fact I would even put this balancing around a 1* mark because (short moment at the end of the chorus aside) I truly struggle to find some sort of salvaging factor to give it anything higher. I am being totally nice and bumping it up to a 2* because the demo version is actually redeemable, while I wait for either this to blow over, or get a lot better please.
Last edited: 30.03.2014 18:14
Weitere überflüssige Formation, die schon bald wieder vergessen sein wird. Der Song hat zwar paar gute Momente, aber alles in allem einfach nicht genug für eine 4.
Die sehen genauso aus wie die Jungs von One Direction und klingen ähnlich belanglos. Wie lächerlich.
Das einzige was mich dabei an One Direction erinnert ist der Fakt das sie auch eine Boyband sind, sonst nixx :P

Bei MTV oder im Radio würde ich wohl nicht umschalten, den es stört nicht weiter...mehrmals anhören (am Tag) würd ichs aber auch nicht! 4*-
Auf ein sehr junges Zielpublikum zugeschnittenes Marketing-Produkt ohne wirklichen Charakter. Stört immerhin auch nicht.
Is de school te vroeg uit? Laat die kinderen spelen op de speelplaats, en wie weet als ze groot zijn, dat ze dan als groepje iets kwalitatiefs kunnen neerzetten aka A-ha destijds.

Dit is een heehee ee eel slechte song, en zelfs als ze hem 3 tot 5 keer herproducen, dan komt hier nog niets goed uit.
De nootjes liggen niet goed in positie.... slecht standje.
Pretty decent, 'She's Kinda Hot' is better though.
Last edited: 29.11.2017 13:11
Stört nicht weiter, braucht es aber auch nicht.
...unbedeutender Rumpelsound, steht wohl in Down Under hoch im Kurs bei den Girlies...
Het gaat. 2.75*
Ik kan de liefde voor muziek hier niet in ontdekken
Dieser Song gefällt mir dank seiner Frische erstaunlich gut - er verströmt zudem nicht zu knapp testosteron-getränkte Frühlingsgefühle.
Spricht mich in keiner Art und Weise an.
Wie haben's denn die in die Schweizer Top 30 geschafft? Waren ja nicht mal auf iTunes platziert!?!
klassischer song der nicht gut ist... aber in die charts gepuscht wird.
und dann weinen die herren der plattenfirmen wieder, dass sie zu wenig cds verkaufen...
schon mal daran gedacht nicht so viel schrott auf den markt zu werfen?????
At least they've finally got some music to accompany their hype. Sounding like Busted but ten years later this is ok but doesn't really stand out.

1st UK top 10. 2 weeks UK top 10. 27 weeks in the UK top 100. 94,270 copies sold while #1.

UK#1 (1 week).
Scotland#1 (1 week).
Ireland#1 (1 week).



World Chart Year End (2014): #19.

The biggest selling global boyband single of 2014.

600,000 copies sold in the UK.
Last edited: 10.01.2018 21:56
teenie-mainstream-ware mit hitpotential
edit: was ist vor allem mit den schweizern los, die wieder einmal einen hype komplett verpennen? letzte woch einstieg auf 26 und jetzt wieder draussen???
Last edited: 06.04.2014 17:06
This knocked Happy off? THIS???
I'm happy that crappy Happy is gone (although not for long I'm guessing) this is a little average - the chorus sounds like Midnight Memories. The video really sucks too.
musik, die es schon tausendfach gibt. klingt nach castingband. seiner zielgruppe "generation doof" wirds egal sein. witzig finde ich dass sich diese durchgestylten bubis als punkrock-band verkaufen wollen *LOL*
... ich will die Bay City Rollers wieder zurück haben ...
The track has a few style changes along the way which I struggle with. The hey hey's are surprisingly the more enjoyable parts of the song The lyrics seem to be randomly thrown together: "simmer down", "if you don't swim", "but don't move".
I'm just not feeling much emotion here. Also I agree that hearing the "American Apparel underwear" line is a turn off. Once would have been plenty. Not #1 worthy for me. 2.5*

5SOS vs The Vamps: 0:1
Millionen Mal von anderen Bands gehört...
Verklaar me voor gek, maar ik vind dit lekkere poprock/punkrock. Catchy en anthemische hook, catchy refrein en de productie is oké... Ja hoor, dit gaat erin als zoete koek.
#1 AU/UK...
4 years in and we're already in a 00s revival eh?
Last edited: 05.04.2014 12:57
Was ist denn das schon wieder für ein Hype? Nun, der Name der Truppe lässt immerhin hoffen, dass diese sehr bald wieder in der Versenkung verschwinden wird.
Vrij inspiratieloze tienerplaat die nergens spannend wordt. En: een One Direction lijkt me wel genoeg.
...frisch, gefällt mir erstaunlich gut...
Persoonlijk vind ik dit plaatje van de voor mij nog onbekende band: "5 Seconds Of Summer", uit de lente van 2014, noch bagger, noch hoogvlieger!!! Vandaar mijn 3 sterren!!! 😏
1 star
Loved it from the first listen, insanely catchy and fun.
Een hoogvlieger is het niet, maar hij is best goed! Vandaar lijken 4 sterren me hier zeker wel op zijn plaats!
Par dosettes, ça se consomme.
Great song.
Last edited: 15.12.2014 14:40
3.5 stars.

Not bad. I'm still trying to figure out why she's wearing his underwear though.
To be fair this song is still fairly new on me but i've tried to get past 'that' line and I just can't.
It's a great pop song which is so slickly produced I really thought it was 1D.

Last edited: 26.07.2018 06:28
Well it reminds me of mid 00's pop rock and most songs from that period make me cringe this days as does this. 3* because it's avoidable.
It reminds me of all the forgotten Teen Bands, about Today no one speaks more. In the latest three Months the Band has been forgotten, sorry.
Ja sie schauen oft gut aus, ihr Charakter ist es aber oft weniger.
Belanglose Nummer by the way.
Der musikalische Gehalt ist tatsächlich bescheiden hier. Aber allemal noch hörbar.
Typische belanglose Boy Band Mukke die mich immer wieder aufs neue langweilt!
Belangloser Radiosound für kleine Teeniemädchen, aber nicht (mehr) was für mich. :p
Leuk nummer, maar waar slaat de tekst en de videoclip nou in godsnaam op?!
Last edited: 20.06.2014 16:27
One Direction-Abklatsch mit etwas Pop und Rock dazu. Warum es so gut ankommt, bleibt fraglich. Durchschnittliche Nummer 3*
Beoordelen we hier nou om het feit dat dit een jongensband is die alleen maar over meiden zingt? Bij reviews van One Direction en Mainstreet zie ik ook van deze beoordelingen. Tja, Justin Bieber komt bijna altijd wel met zwakke tienerpop-nummers en baggere hiphop-nummers, maar die andere twee maken toch nog wel redelijke muziek? Het lijkt net alsof bijna niemand hier deze nummers beluisteren. Kan er dan tenminste uitgelegd worden waaróm dit zo slecht gevonden wordt? RV heeft duidelijk argumenten geplaatst waarom hij dit goed vindt, terwijl de rest (op een paar na) alleen maar flauwe dingen over de band zegt en over het feit dat dit een tienerband is. Maar hé, er zijn ook mannenbands met nummers met dezelfde betekenis, maar gewikkeld in een ''serieus'' jasje, maar die worden opeens wel erg gewaardeerd met 6 sterren? Dit wordt blijkbaar beoordeeld als niet serieus. Alleen ''serieuze'' nummers krijgen opeens een erge voldoende, al gaat het over een onderwerp waar iedereen al over heeft gezongen. Je kunt het niet goed vinden, maar om al die nummers nou 1 ster te geven? Wel heel verdacht. Nou ja, ik ga maar verder met mijn mening over dit nummer.

Ik vind het, in tegenstelling tot veel hier, een lekker poprock-nummer. Catchy, extreem commercieel, maar ik vind hem een beetje vervelen, dus nét niet de maximale score.
unnötiger Mist
This has grown on me recently, it's catchy for sure.
Peinlich und schlecht, aber sie sind auf alle Fälle besser als diese One-Direction-Bubis. Deshalb noch eine 2.
Okay, I'll finally admit it, it is quite a solid track. My subjectivity and prejudice got in the way when it was popular, and it stopped me from enjoying this. Maybe it's their subsequent releases which have made me appreciate this more, but honestly I think it is really decent.
They should enjoy their Five Seconds Of Fame...
Decent. 3.2.
Ich würde mir das mal durchlesen. http://www.20min.ch/entertainment/musik/story/30661414

Echt peinlich für jene die hier Dinge schreiben wie "UK-Boyband" oder "Castingband". Man merkt das sich niemand mit 5SOS auseinandersetzt und einfach keine Ahnung hat. Da kommen wieder die Vorurteile nur weil sie keine 40 Jahre alt sind. Traurig...

Ich finde 5 Seconds of Summer gar nicht so schlecht und sie spielen selber ihre Instrumente was heute ja nicht mehr so selbstverständlich ist. Das Lied gefällt mir.
Ein Phänomen, das irgendwie gar keines ist... 3*
nicht perfekt
Dit in het hoekje punkrock duwen is een belediging voor het genre.Dit is duidelijk een bandje met een aangemeten imago...de gemaaktheid straalt er van af.
Hm, die meisten Bewerter disqualifizieren sich ja quasi selber durch ihre Bemerkungen. Egal. Kenne den Song schon länger, hatte ihn bisher zu bewerten vergessen. Schöner rockiger Song, gute 5.
Absolutely atrocious. And these days punk rock is almost dying.
Catchy Pop/Rock, I saw these guys as a support act for Hot Chelle Rae and Cher Lloyd, now look at them! Good on them :)
Catchy, ja, aber zu überdreht.
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