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Music/Lyrics:Belle And Sebastian
Producer:Tony Hoffer

4:33Write About LoveRough Trade
4:25...FeaturingBlue Note
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Come Away With Me2002-06-071115
New York City (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)2003-09-19303
Feels Like Home2004-02-20146
Not Too Late2007-02-09113
The Fall2009-11-27914
Rome (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi starring Jack White & Norah Jones)2011-05-27332
...Little Broken Hearts2012-05-11212
Foreverly (Billie Joe + Norah)2013-12-06401
Day Breaks2016-10-21104
(Talk To Me Of) Mendocino
2 Men
4 Broken Hearts
A Song With No Name
Above Ground
After The Fall
All A Dream
All Your Love (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Always Judging
And Then There Was You
Angels (Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones)
Any Other Day (Wyclef Jean feat. Norah Jones)
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Austin City Limits (Live)
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Willie Nelson feat. Norah Jones)
Back To Manhattan
Barbara Allen (Billie Joe + Norah)
Be Here To Love Me
Be My Somebody
Begin Again
Bessie Smith
Black (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi feat. Norah Jones)
Blue Bayou (Norah Jones feat. M. Ward)
Brother & Sister (Lindsey Buckingham feat. Norah Jones)
Bull Rider (Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson)
Busted (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Carnival Town
Carry On
Change Is Gonna Come
Chasing Pirates
Cold Cold Heart
Colors (Amos Lee with Norah Jones)
Come Away With Me
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Comes Love
Court And Spark (Herbie Hancock & Norah Jones)
Creepin' In (Norah Jones with Dolly Parton)
Cryin' Time (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Day Breaks
Day Is Done (Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones)
Dear John (Ryan Adams feat. Norah Jones)
Deceptively Yours (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Don't Be Denied
Don't Know Why
Don't Miss You At All
Down In The Willow Garden (Billie Joe + Norah)
Dreamgirl (The Lonely Island feat. Norah Jones)
Dreams Come True (Willie Nelson & Norah Jones)
Drown In My Own Tears
Easy (Norah Jones feat. Anoushka Shankar)
Even Though
Everybody Needs A Best Friend
Feelin' The Same Way
Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)
Good Morning
Hallelujah I Love Her So (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Happy Pills
Heart Of Mine (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Here We Go Again (Ray Charles with Norah Jones)
Here We Go Again (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Hit The Road Jack (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Home Of The Blues
How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?
Humble Me
I Don't Wanna Hear Another Sound
I Love You So Much (It Hurts) (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
I Think It's Going To Rain Today
I Turned Your Picture To The Wall
I Walk The Line (Joel Harrison feat. Norah Jones)
I Wouldn't Need You
If The Law Don't Want You
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Ill Wind (Charlie Haden / Quartet West feat. Norah Jones)
I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Billie Joe + Norah)
I'm Moving On (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
In The Dark
In The Morning
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
It Was You
It's A Wonderful Time For Love
It's Gonna Be
I've Got To See You Again
Just A Little Bit
Just Noise
Kentucky (Billie Joe + Norah)
Killing Time
Let It Ride (Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Norah Jones)
Life Is Better (Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones)
Light As A Feather
Lightning Express (Billie Joe + Norah)
Little Broken Hearts
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (Belle and Sebastian feat. Norah Jones)
Little Room
Long Time Gone (Billie Joe + Norah)
Loretta (Norah Jones feat. Gillian Welch and David Rawlings)
Losing Hand (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Love Me Tender
Lover Man
Makin' Whoopee (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Man Of The Hour
Moon Song
More Than This (Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones)
Move Along (The Candles feat. Norah Jones)
My Blue Heaven
My Dear Country
My Heart Is Full
New York City (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Not My Friend
Not Too Late
Oh So Many Years (Billie Joe + Norah)
Okolona River Bottom Band (Mercury Rev feat. Norah Jones)
Once I Had A Laugh
One Flight Down
Out On The Road
Painter Song
Problem Queen (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi feat. Norah Jones)
Put My Little Shoes Away (Billie Joe + Norah)
Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair) (Billie Joe + Norah)
Rosie's Lullaby
Roving Gambler (Billie Joe + Norah)
Ruler Of My Heart (Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Norah Jones and Robert Randolph)
Say Goodbye
Searching For Love (Doyle Bramhall II with Norah Jones)
Season's Trees (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi feat. Norah Jones)
Seven Years
She's 22
Shoot The Moon
Silent Night
Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (Billie Joe + Norah)
Sinkin' Soon
Sleep Won't Come
Sleeping Wild
Sleepless Nights
Something Is Calling You
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Soon The New Day (Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones)
Speak Low (Tony Bennett & Norah Jones)
Strange Transmissions (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Take It Back
Take Off Your Cool (Outkast feat. Norah Jones)
Tell Me (Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones)
Tell Yer Mama
Tennessee Waltz (Bonnie Raitt feat. Norah Jones)
Tennessee Waltz (Joel Harrison feat. Norah Jones)
That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round
That's What I Said
The Grass Is Blue
The Long Day Is Over
The Long Way Home
The Nearness Of You
The Prettiest Thing
The Story
The Sun Doesn't Like You
The Sun Won't Set (Anoushka Shankar feat. Norah Jones)
Things You Don't Have To Do (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Thinking About You
Those Sweet Words
Traces Of You (Anoushka Shankar feat. Norah Jones)
Travelin' On
Turn Me On
Turn Them (Sean Bones feat. Norah Jones)
Two Sleepy People (Seth MacFarlane feat. Norah Jones)
Uh Oh
Unchain My Heart (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Unchained Melody
Unsaid (Anoushka Shankar feat. Norah Jones)
Until The End
Virginia Moon (Foo Fighters feat. Norah Jones)
Wake Me Up
Walkin' (Willie Nelson with Norah Jones)
What Am I To You?
What Is This Thing Called Love (Willie Nelson & Norah Jones)
What'd I Say (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Dolly Parton, Norah Jones & Lee Ann Womack)
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? (Billie Joe + Norah)
Wish I Could
Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You)
You Are So Beautiful (Charles Lloyd & The Marvels feat. Norah Jones)
Young Blood
You've Ruined Me
...Little Broken Hearts
...Little Broken Hearts Remix EP
Begin Again
Come Away With Me
Day Breaks
Feels Like Home
Feels Like Home + Come Away With Me
Feels Like Home + Not Too Late
First Sessions
Foreverly (Billie Joe + Norah)
Here We Go Again: Celebrating The Genius Of Ray Charles (Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones)
iTunes Originals
Live From Austin, TX
Live In Poland
New York City (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
New York City - The Remix Album (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
Not Too Late
Rome (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi starring Jack White & Norah Jones)
The Chill Album (Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones)
The Fall
Come Away With Me [Deluxe Edition]
Live At Ronnie Scott's
Live From Austin TX (Austin City Limits)
Live In New Orleans
Norah Jones - And The Handsome Band - Live In 2004
(I Believe In) Travellin' Light
A Century Of Elvis
A Century Of Fakers
A Plague On Other Boys
A Space Boy Dream (Belle & Sebastian)
A Summer Wasting (Belle & Sebastian)
Act Of Apostle
Act Of The Apostle II
Another Sunny Day
Are You Coming Over For Christmas?
Asleep On A Sunbeam
Baby Jane
Belle & Sebastian
Best Friend
Beyond The Sunrise (Belle & Sebastian)
Big John Shaft
Black And White Unite
Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire
Calculating Bimbo
Casaco Marron
Chickfactor (Belle & Sebastian)
Come On Sister
Consuelo Leaving
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Desperation Made A Fool Of Me
Dirty Dream Number Two (Belle & Sebastian)
Dog On Wheels (Belle & Sebastian)
Don't Leave The Light On Baby (Belle & Sebastian)
Dress Up In You
Ease Your Feet In The Sea (Belle & Sebastian)
Electronic Renaissance
Enter Sylvia Plath
Ever Had A Little Faith?
Everything Is Now
Family Tree (Belle & Sebastian)
Fickle Season
For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
Fuck This Shit
Funny Little Frog
Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Heaven In The Afternoon
How To Solve Our Human Problems [EP]
I Can See Your Future
I Could Be Dreaming
I Didn't See It Coming
I Don't Love Anyone
I Don't Want To Play Football
I Fought In A War (Belle & Sebastian)
I Know Where The Summer Goes
I Love My Car (Belle & Sebastian)
I Took A Long Hard Look
I Want The World To Stop
If She Wants Me
If You Find Yourself Caught In Love
If You're Feeling Sinister
I'll Be Your Pilot
I'm A Cuckoo
I'm Not Living In The Real World
I'm Waking Up To Us (Belle & Sebastian)
Is It Wicked Not To Care? (Belle & Sebastian)
It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career (Belle & Sebastian)
Jonathan David (Belle & Sebastian)
Judy And The Dream Of Horses
Judy Is A Dick Slap
Last Trip
Lazy Line Painter Jane
Le pastie de la bourgeoisie
Legal Man (Belle And Sebastian feat. The Maisonettes)
Like Dylan In The Movies
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (Belle and Sebastian feat. Norah Jones)
Long Black Scarf
Lord Anthony
Love On The March
Marx And Engels
Mary Jo
Me And The Major
Meat And Potatoes
Mornington Crescent
Mr Richard
My Wandering Days Are Over
Nice Day For A Sulk (Belle & Sebastian)
Night Walk
Nobody's Empire
Passion Fruit
Perfect Couples
Photo Jenny
Piazza, New York Catcher (Belle & Sebastian)
Play For Today
Poor Boy
Put The Book Back On The Shelf
Read The Blessed Pages
Roy Walker
Scooby Driver
Seeing Other People
Seymour Stein (Belle & Sebastian)
She's Losing It
Show Me The Sun
Simple Things (Belle & Sebastian)
Sleep The Clock Around (Belle & Sebastian)
Slow Graffiti
Song For Sunshine
Songs For Children
Stay Loose
Step Into My Office, Baby
Stop, Look And Listen
String Bean Jean
Suicide Girl
Sukie in The Graveyard
Sunday's Pretty Icons
Sweet Dew Lee
Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It (Belle & Sebastian)
The Blues Are Still Blue
The Book Of You
The Boy Done Wrong Again
The Boy With The Arab Strap (Belle & Sebastian)
The Cat With The Cream
The Chalet Lines (Belle & Sebastian)
The Eighth Station Of The Cross Kebab House
The Everlasting Muse
The Fox In The Snow
The Gate
The Ghost Of Rockschool
The Girl Doesn't Get It
The Life Pursuit
The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner (Belle & Sebastian)
The Model (Belle & Sebastian)
The Party Line
The Power Of Three
The Rollercoaster Ride (Belle & Sebastian)
The Same Star
The Stars Of Track And Field
The State I Am In (Belle & Sebastian)
The White Collar Boy
The Wrong Girl (Belle & Sebastian)
There Is An Everlasting Song
There's Too Much Love (Belle & Sebastian)
This Is Just A Modern Rock Song
To Be Myself Completely
Today (This Army's For Peace)
Too Many Tears
Waiting For The Moon To Rise (Belle & Sebastian)
Wandering Alone
We Are The Sleepyheads
We Rule The School
We Were Beautiful
Whiskey In The Jar
Winter Wooskie
Women's Realm (Belle & Sebastian)
Wrapped Up In Books
Write About Love
You Don't Send Me
You Made Me Forget My Dreams (Belle & Sebastian)
Your Cover's Blown
Your Secrets
You're Just A Baby
Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Belle & Sebastian)
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant (Belle & Sebastian)
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
How To Solve Our Human Problems
How To Solve Our Human Problems [EP 1]
How To Solve Our Human Problems [EP 2]
How To Solve Our Human Problems [EP 3]
If You're Feeling Sinister
LateNightTales (Belle & Sebastian)
LateNightTales [2012]
Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
The BBC Sessions
The Boy With The Arab Strap (Belle & Sebastian)
The Life Pursuit
The Third Eye Centre
Write About Love
Average points: 4.45 (Reviews: 11)
Die Band hat sich hier NORAH JONES mit an Bord geholt - und die Fähre macht sich langsam auf ihren Weg - bedächtiger Midtempo mit verträumter Stimmung.
sounds like it was written for a Norah album. very good.
Das ist wunderschön.
Norah Jones als Gast kann nicht falsch sein
....lieblich, zart und sehr schön...
Good song, but I didn't need Norah Jones in it, she doesn't add much that there couldn't have been without her.<br>
Die Kombination der Schlafmacher. Die Musik ist aber noch gut.
...sehr gut...
<br>Gut, mehr dann aber auch nicht.
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