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Entry:22/05/2015 (Position 39)
Last week in charts:03/07/2015 (Position 39)
Peak:10 (1 weeks)
World wide:
de  Peak: 85 / weeks: 4
nl  Peak: 74 / weeks: 7
be  Tip (Vl)
se  Peak: 41 / weeks: 11
dk  Peak: 10 / weeks: 7
au  Peak: 37 / weeks: 4
nz  Peak: 37 / weeks: 3


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Nasty Freestyle2015-05-22107
Nasty Freestyle
Average points: 2.23 (Reviews: 22)
etwas höchst Ätzendes aus dem US Hip Hop-Bereich, das man bedenkenlos die nächste Toilette runterspülen kann, dauert gottlob nicht einmal 2:30 – abgerundete 1.5…
Un phénomène de mode US qu'on aura aussitôt oublié.
▒ ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ ☺!!!
Im Video hat er wohl in die Hosen gemacht und singt nun darüber.
Some of those lyrics are too funny but shortness <br>hurts it and also it's not THAT good anyway. 3.2.
T-Pain + Lil' Wayne = T- Wayne? :P<br><br>Not a particularly good rap track, average at best.
Not amused by this or interested in it. "Music" continues to sink to new depths.
Da kann ich auch nur nageln
Das hat ja überhaupt nichts
Uh.<br><br>Barely anything of interest here at all, except some mildly funny lyrics. That isn't enough to save this though. How this could make the top 10 in any national iTunes chart, let alone the US chart, is astounding.
Very very bad. I want to forget this exists, but it keeps moving up the Billboard chart. Rude.
His flow at times is quite impressive and makes for an interesting rhythm, but outside of that it does not offer a great deal. 3.25
Gibt es eigentlich noch Rap, der die Bezeichnung auch verdient? T-Wayne sicher nicht!
dit is niks
Hatte bei dieser Mischung aus Künstlername und Songtitel eigentlich schlimmeres erwartet. Aber meine Güte, ist das laaaangweilig. Zum Glück sehr kurz gehalten.
Nasty is het zeker. Wat een kutnummer.
eine gnädige 2
Short and kind of weird, but a positive is this ends quick enough.
I apologise if I am unintentionally and unknowingly repeating something that has already been said.<br><br>I think my favourite thing about Vinecore is that it amusingly perpetuates something that seemed to have peaked. What I'm talking is the aging music fan saying to the younger generation, "Back in my day, we listened to whole albums". But then fast forward to the mid-2000s, and suddenly ringtones are a big thing and people are only listening to the choruses. "Woe is me" cries the generic older person who is only able to frame the differences in generational eras in ways that mark themselves as superior. But NOW, you can seemingly have a hit song where people generally only listen to 6 seconds of it! Is there no limit to this? Will single cover art Splatoon be the next craze?<br><br>In a way, "Nasty Freestyle" is the perfect candidate for that. It makes such a profoundly bonkers opening statement that you don't really need to hear any more. If you so happen to choose though, it's endless punchlines. I'd be more critical of it if I were judging it as a song, but for what it is, just a freestyle over the beat to "Nasty" (well it was until the beat was modified slightly for copyright reasons), it's quite good at that.
Last edited: 14.08.2015 13:30
extrem heiss. klar, dass das in europa keiner versteht. der remix mit ty dolla $ign ist total überragend.
...oh wow, what a sh............................!...
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