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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Benjamin Nelson
070 ShakeGuilty Conscience2020Music/Lyrics
4 The CauseStand By Me1998Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleStand By Me2006Music/Lyrics
Adriano CelentanoPregherò1962Music/Lyrics
Adriano CelentanoRezaré1963Music/Lyrics
Al BanoPregherò2017Music/Lyrics
André HazesOp de hoek van de straat1989Music/Lyrics
Average White Band & Ben E. KingThe Message1977Music/Lyrics
Average White Band & Ben E. KingWhat Is Soul1977Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]Stand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
Barbara LewisStand By Me1964Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingAll Of Your Tomorrows1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingDo It Now1973Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingFrenesi1961Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingGloria Gloria1963Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingGroovin'1963Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingI Guess It's Goodbye1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingI Promise Love1962Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingImagination1975Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingJamaica1965Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingKatherine1967Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingLove Is1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingLove Is Gonna Get You1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingLove Me, Love Me1961Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingMade For Each Other1981Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingMusic Trance1979Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingNot Now (I'll Tell You When)1965Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingPerfodia1961Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingSeven Letters1965Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingShe Does It Right1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingShe's Gone Again1965Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingSomething To Be Loved1981Producer
Ben E. KingSouvenir Of Love1981Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingSpoiled1978Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingSpread Myself Around1972Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingStand By Me1961Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingStay A While With Me1981Producer
Ben E. KingStaying Power1981Producer
Ben E. KingTeeny Weeny Little Bit1967Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingThe Beginning Of It All1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingThe Way You Shake It1965Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingTravelin' Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingWhat Is Soul?1966Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingWhite Moon1971Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingWhy Is The Question1981Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingYou Made The Difference To My Life1981Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingYou've Only Got One Chance To Be Young1980Music/Lyrics
Billy Joe RoyalStand By Me1968Music/Lyrics
Billy MizeStand By Me1970Music/Lyrics
Billy Thorpe & The AztecsStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Björn SkifsStand By Me1989Music/Lyrics
BlackJack [SE]Stand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
Cassius ClayStand By Me1963Music/Lyrics
Chosen FewStand By Me1978Music/Lyrics
DalidaTu croiras1963Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Damita JoI'll Be There1961Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerBlijf bij mij2017Music/Lyrics
David & Jimmy RuffinStand By Me1970Music/Lyrics
David CiveraRogaré2011Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
David HasselhoffStand By Me1987Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosStand By Me1984Music/Lyrics
DennisonsYou Don't Know What Love Is1964Music/Lyrics
Diana RossThere Goes My Baby1987Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Dominique Blanc-Francard / Salvatore AdamoStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Don ShirleyStand By Me1962Music/Lyrics
Donna SummerThere Goes My Baby1984Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Dr. JohnLet's Make A Better World1974Music/Lyrics
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsMedley [What's A Matter, Baby / Mit 17 fängt das Leben erst an / Komm zu mir / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Daa]1964Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
El Alfa & Prince RoyceLe doy 20 mil2023Music/Lyrics
EngelbertStand By Me2005Music/Lyrics
Fausto LealiPregherò1989Music/Lyrics
Felice [BE]Stand By Me1998Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Francesco NapoliBalla... Balla!1987Music/Lyrics
François LubianaVienne la nuit1963Music/Lyrics
Frank ValentinoStand By Me1992Music/Lyrics
Freddy WellerStand By Me1982Music/Lyrics
Geeno SmithStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Gene ChandlerStand By Me1969Music/Lyrics
Giovanni ZarrellaPregherò2022Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsStand By Me1996Music/Lyrics
Havana Maestros feat. Ben E. KingStand By Me2017Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleStand By Me1967Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerStand By Me1973Music/Lyrics
Jam TronikStand By Me1992Music/Lyrics
Jann ArdenStand By Me2000Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Jasper SteverlinckStand By Me2020Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansStand By Me1962Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerThere Goes My Baby1984Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
John LennonStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayJe suis seul1967Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayReste ici1993Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversStand By Me1983Music/Lyrics
Julian LennonStand By Me1989Music/Lyrics
Kenny LynchStand By Me1964Music/Lyrics
Kerstin OttAlte Liebe rostet nie2024Music/Lyrics
Led ZeppelinWe're Gonna Groove1969Music/Lyrics
Lemon IceStand By Me2006Music/Lyrics
Leo RojasStand By Me2022Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
Little EvaStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Little MiltonStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
Los RebeldesStand By Me1990Music/Lyrics
Love GenerationHalt' zu mir1970Music/Lyrics
Make PlainStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannGroovin'1964Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeThere Goes My Baby1968Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Maurice WhiteStand By Me1985Music/Lyrics
Meat LoafStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
Mickey GilleyStand By Me1980Music/Lyrics
Miley Cyrus feat. FutureMy Darlin'2013Music/Lyrics
Mink DeVilleStand By Me1983Music/Lyrics
MoonbeatsBleib bei mir1987Music/Lyrics
Otis ReddingStand By Me1963Music/Lyrics
Panama [UK]Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Stand By Me1982Music/Lyrics
Piet VeermanStand By Me1995Music/Lyrics
PreludersStand By Me2004Music/Lyrics
Prince RoyceStand By Me2010Music/Lyrics
Ray GarnettStand By Me1961Music/Lyrics
Ronny Twen und die PerrysKomm zu mir1961Music/Lyrics
Rosy ArmenTu croiras1962Music/Lyrics
Ry CooderStand By Me1976Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyStand By Me2018Music/Lyrics
SealStand By Me2008Music/Lyrics
Sean KingstonBeautiful Girls2007Music/Lyrics
September MourningStand By Me2016Music/Lyrics
Sharif DeanStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
Silvio d'AnzaBleib bei mir2021Music/Lyrics
Sonny & CherStand By Me1967Music/Lyrics
Spyder TurnerStand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
Susan BoyleStand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
Syl JohnsonStand By Me1978Music/Lyrics
Sylvia MillecamBlijf bij mij1997Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanPreghero2007Music/Lyrics
T. RexStand By Me1975Music/Lyrics
The CatsJamaica1973Music/Lyrics
The DriftersSometimes I Wonder1963Music/Lyrics
The DriftersStand By Me2015Music/Lyrics
The DriftersThere Goes My Baby1959Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
The EboniesSeven Letters1967Music/Lyrics
The Fantastic Johnny CStand By Me1968Music/Lyrics
The Kelly FamilyStand By Me2017Music/Lyrics
The Kingdom ChoirStand By Me2018Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
The KingsmenStand By Me1965Music/Lyrics
The Main IngredientSpoiled1980Music/Lyrics
The Scorpions [UK]Stand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersStand By Me1966Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersThere Goes My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
(Benjamin Nelson)
Till BrönnerStand By Me2014Music/Lyrics
Turley RichardsStand By Me1979Music/Lyrics
Ulli BäerBleib bei mir1984Music/Lyrics
WeezerStand By Me2019Music/Lyrics
WindBleib bei mir1998Music/Lyrics

Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)2007-09-2169
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)2225.23
Bleib bei mir (Ulli Bäer)104.9
Stand By Me (Otis Redding)94.78
Stand By Me (Florence + The Machine)124.75
Stand By Me (Mink DeVille)64.67
There Goes My Baby (The Walker Brothers)114.64
There Goes My Baby (The Drifters)354.6
Stand By Me (John Lennon)654.42
Guilty Conscience (070 Shake)54.4
There Goes My Baby (Diana Ross)94.33
Stand By Me (The Drifters)74.29
We're Gonna Groove (Led Zeppelin)174.24
Bleib bei mir (Moonbeats)54.2
There Goes My Baby (Donna Summer)304.17
Pregherò (Adriano Celentano)194.11
What Is Soul? (Ben E. King)124
Stand By Me (Howard Carpendale)153.87
Stand By Me (Seal)323.84
Stand By Me (Maurice White)113.82
There Goes My Baby (Joe Cocker)183.78
Stand By Me (Ben E. King)2225.23
Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)2082.53
Stand By Me (4 The Cause)1823.47
Balla... Balla! (Francesco Napoli)1063.55
Stand By Me (Lemon Ice)1052.3
Stand By Me (John Lennon)654.42
There Goes My Baby (The Drifters)354.6
Stand By Me (Seal)323.84
There Goes My Baby (Donna Summer)304.17
My Darlin' (Miley Cyrus feat. Future)243.33
Pregherò (Adriano Celentano)194.11
There Goes My Baby (Joe Cocker)183.78
We're Gonna Groove (Led Zeppelin)174.24
Stand By Me (Howard Carpendale)153.87
Stand By Me (Geeno Smith)152.53
Stand By Me (David Hasselhoff)142.5
Stand By Me (Florence + The Machine)124.75
What Is Soul? (Ben E. King)124
Stand By Me (The Kelly Family)123.58
Stand By Me (Mickey Gilley)123.33

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