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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Robert Geldof
Antler All StarsDo They Know It's Christmas1999Music/Lyrics
Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas?1984Music/Lyrics
Band Aid 20Do They Know It's Christmas?2004Music/Lyrics
Band Aid 30Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)2014Music/Lyrics
Band Aid 30Do They Know It's Christmas? (Deutsche Version / 2014)2014Music/Lyrics
Band Aid 30Nol est l2014Music/Lyrics
Band Aid IIDo They Know It's Christmas?1989Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofA Gospel Song1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofA Rose At Night1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofBig Romantic Stuff1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofBlow2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofBlow Fish2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofCrazy1994Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofCrucified Me1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofDazzled By You2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofHere's To You2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofHow I Roll2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofLet It Go1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofLove Like A Rocket1986Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofLove Or Something1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofMary Says2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofNo Small Wonder1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofRoom 19 (Sha La La La Lee)1992Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofShe's A Lover2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofSilly Pretty Thing2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofSystematic 6-Pack2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofTalk Me Up1986Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThe Beat Of The Night1986Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThe Chains Of Pain1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThe End Of The World1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThe Great Song Of Indifference1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThinking Voyager 2 Type Things1990Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofThis Is The World Calling1986Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofTo Live In Love2011Music/Lyrics
Bob GeldofWalking Back To Happiness1990Music/Lyrics
Chill Zone CollectiveDo They Know It's Christmas2020Music/Lyrics
Dance Aid (Rave The World)Do They Know It's Christmas?1992Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous OrchestraThis Is The World Calling2008Music/Lyrics
Die Toten Hosen mit Bob GeldofLookin' After No. 12017Music/Lyrics
Geldof$6,000,000 Loser2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofInside Your Head2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofMind In Pocket2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofMy Birthday Suit2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofOne For Me2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofPale White Girls2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofScream In Vain2001Music/Lyrics
GeldofThe New Routine2001Music/Lyrics
Gerard - Rene - GordonDo They Know It's Christmas2006Music/Lyrics
Glee CastDo They Know It's Christmas?2011Music/Lyrics
(Robert Geldof)
Howard CarpendaleDo They Know It's Christmas Time2001Music/Lyrics
Johnny LoganDo They Know It's Christmas2001Music/Lyrics
Kidz-DJStuur een kerstkaart2011Music/Lyrics
La Chorale des MontagnesDo They Know It's Christmas Time?2013Music/Lyrics
Nervo & Tiscore feat. Polina VitaDo They Know It's Christmas2020Music/Lyrics
Ron SexsmithI Don't Like Mondays2003Music/Lyrics
Ross Antony mit Ute Freudenberg & Paul ReevesDo They Know It's Christmas2020Music/Lyrics
Santa Claus & His Rockin' SnowmenDo They Know It's Christmas?2011Music/Lyrics
SantianoGreat Song Of Indifference2013Music/Lyrics
Sasha & DavyDo They Know It's Christmas2019Music/Lyrics
Scala & Kolacny BrothersI Don't Like Mondays2016Music/Lyrics
SladeDo They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World)1985Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.I Don't Like Mondays1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown Rats(I Never Loved) Eva Braun1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown Rats(She's Gonna) Do You In1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown Rats(Watch Out For) The Normal People1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsA Hold Of Me1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsA Storm Breaks1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsAn Icicle In The Sun1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsAnother Piece Of Red1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsAnother Sad Story1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsBack To Boomtown2013Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsBanana Republic1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsBlind Date1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsBorn To Burn1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsCan't Stop1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsCharmed Lives1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsCheerio2005Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsClose As You'll Ever Be1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsD.U.N. L.A.O.G.H.A.I.R.E1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDave1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDiamond Smiles1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDo The Rat1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDon't Believe What You Read1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDon't Talk To Me1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDrag Me Down1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsDun Laoghaire1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsEurope Looked Ugly1982Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsFall Down1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsGet A Grip2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsGo Man Go1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHard Times1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHaving My Picture Taken1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHe Watches It All1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHere's A Postcard2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHouse Burned Down1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHouse On Fire1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHow Do You Do?1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsHurt Hurts1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsI Can Make It (If You Can)1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsIt's All The Rage1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsJoey's On The Street Again1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsK.I.S.S.2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsKeep It Up1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsKicks1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLate Last Night1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLike Clockwork1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLiving In An Island1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLookin' After No. 11977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLucky1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsLying Again1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsMary Of The 4th Form1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsMe And Howard Hughes1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsMonster Monkeys2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsMood Mambo1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNeon Heart1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNever Bite The Hand That Feeds1977Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNever In A Million Years1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNice 'n' Neat1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNo Hiding Place1982Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsNothing Happened Today1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsOver Again1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsOver And Over1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsPassing Through2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsPlease Don't Go1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsRain1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsRat Trap1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsReal Different1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsRock 'N' Roll Y Y2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsSay Hi To Mick1985Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsShe Said No2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsShe's So Modern1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsSkin On Skin1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsSo Strange1978Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At You1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsStraight Up1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsSweet Thing2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsTalking In Code1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThe Bitter End1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThe Boomtown Rats2013Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThe Elephants Graveyard (Guilty)1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThe Little Death1981Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThere's No Tomorrow Like Today2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsThis Is My Room1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsTonight1983Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsTrash Glam Baby2020Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsUnder Their Thumb1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsUp All Night1980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsWalking Down Town1984Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsWhen The Night Comes1979Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsWhitehall 12121980Music/Lyrics
The Boomtown RatsWind Chill Factor1979Music/Lyrics
The London Symphony OrchestraI Don't Like Mondays1981Music/Lyrics
Thomas AndersDo They Know It's Christmas?2017Music/Lyrics
Thomas BergeDo They Know It's Christmas2011Music/Lyrics
Tori AmosI Don't Like Mondays2001Music/Lyrics
Treorchy, Morriston Orpheus & Pontarddulais Male Choirs with the Band of the Welsh GuardsDo They Know It's Christmas1991Music/Lyrics
TV AllstarsDo They Know It's Christmas?2003Music/Lyrics
United PunksDo They Know It's Christmas?2003Music/Lyrics

Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid 20)2004-12-10128
Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014) (Band Aid 30)2014-11-28351
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)2019-11-2979
I Don't Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats)2175
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)2614.87
I Don't Like Mondays (Tori Amos)104.8
Rat Trap (The Boomtown Rats)334.61
Crazy (Bob Geldof)134.46
Love Or Something (Bob Geldof)164.44
Silly Pretty Thing (Bob Geldof)54.4
Drag Me Down (The Boomtown Rats)64.33
The Great Song Of Indifference (Bob Geldof)454.31
Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee) (Bob Geldof)134.31
Like Clockwork (The Boomtown Rats)214.24
This Is The World Calling (Bob Geldof)634.19
Mary Of The 4th Form (The Boomtown Rats)174.18
When The Night Comes (The Boomtown Rats)64.17
I Can Make It (If You Can) (The Boomtown Rats)64.17
Diamond Smiles (The Boomtown Rats)274.15
House On Fire (The Boomtown Rats)144.14
Neon Heart (The Boomtown Rats)74.14
Someone's Looking At You (The Boomtown Rats)304.13
Joey's On The Street Again (The Boomtown Rats)84.12
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)2614.87
I Don't Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats)2175
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid 20)1362.68
Banana Republic (The Boomtown Rats)1024
Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014) (Band Aid 30)783.08
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid II)773.42
Do They Know It's Christmas? (TV Allstars)692.72
This Is The World Calling (Bob Geldof)634.19
The Great Song Of Indifference (Bob Geldof)454.31
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Deutsche Version / 2014) (Band Aid 30)422.57
Rat Trap (The Boomtown Rats)334.61
Someone's Looking At You (The Boomtown Rats)304.13
Diamond Smiles (The Boomtown Rats)274.15
Lookin' After No. 1 (The Boomtown Rats)233.48
Like Clockwork (The Boomtown Rats)214.24
Mary Of The 4th Form (The Boomtown Rats)174.18
She's So Modern (The Boomtown Rats)174.06
The Elephants Graveyard (Guilty) (The Boomtown Rats)174.06
Love Or Something (Bob Geldof)164.44
House On Fire (The Boomtown Rats)144.14

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