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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Chuck Ainley
David NailBrand New Day2014Producer
David NailBroke My Heart2014Producer
David NailBurnin' Bed2014Producer
David NailCountin' Cars2014Producer
David NailEasy Love2014Producer
David NailI'm A Fire2014Producer
David NailKiss You Tonight2014Producer
David NailLet It Rain2011Producer
David NailThe Secret2014Producer
David NailThe Sound Of A Million Dreams2011Producer
David NailWhatever She's Got2014Producer
David Nail feat. Lee Ann WomackGalveston2014Producer
David Nail feat. Little Big TownWhen They're Gone (Lyle County)2014Producer
Elvis Presley with Amy GrantWhite Christmas2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Anne MurraySilver Bells2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Carrie UnderwoodI'll Be Home For Christmas2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Gretchen WilsonMerry Christmas Baby2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Karen Fairchild & Kimberley Schlapman of Little Big TownO Little Town Of Bethlehem2008Producer
Elvis Presley with LeAnn RimesHere Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Martina McBrideBlue Christmas2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Olivia Newton-JohnO Come, All Ye Faithful2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Sara EvansSilent Night2008Producer
Elvis Presley with Wynonna JuddSanta Claus Is Back In Town2008Producer
George StraitBlue Water2019Producer
George StraitCheaper Than A Shrink2015Producer
George StraitCódigo2019Producer
George StraitCold Beer Conversation2015Producer
George StraitEven When I Can't Feel It2015Producer
George StraitEvery Little Honky Tonk Bar2019Producer
George StraitEverything I See2015Producer
George StraitGoin' Goin' Gone2015Producer
George StraitHonky Tonk Time Machine2019Producer
George StraitIt Takes All Kinds2015Producer
George StraitIt Was Love2015Producer
George StraitLet It Go2015Producer
George StraitOld Violin2019Producer
George StraitRock Paper Scissors2015Producer
George StraitSome Nights2019Producer
George StraitSomething Going Down2015Producer
George StraitSometimes Love2019Producer
George StraitStop And Drink2015Producer
George StraitTake Me Away2019Producer
George StraitTake Me To Texas2015Producer
George StraitThe Weight Of The Badge2019Producer
George StraitTwo More Wishes2019Producer
George StraitWhat Goes Up2019Producer
George StraitWish You Well2015Producer
George Strait feat. Willie NelsonSing One With Willie2019Producer
George Strait with Harvey StraitGod And Country Music2019Producer
High SouthBootwork2014Producer
High SouthCrying In The Rain2014Producer
High SouthEndlessly2014Producer
High SouthFine Wine2014Producer
High SouthFor The First Time2014Producer
High SouthHonestly2014Producer
High SouthHow High Will You Take Me2014Producer
High SouthI Won't Give Up2014Producer
High SouthI'd Give My Life For You2014Producer
High SouthJust One2014Producer
High SouthRockstar2014Producer
High SouthSunrise Over Sunset Boulevard2014Producer
High SouthTil The Wheels Fall Off2014Producer
High SouthWild Horses2014Producer
Jewel feat. Pistol AnniesYou Were Meant For Me2013Producer
Lee Ann WomackAll His Saints2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackChances Are2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackDon't Listen To The Wind2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackLiars Lie2010Producer
Lee Ann WomackNightwind2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackNot Forgotten You2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackOut On The Weekend2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackPrelude: Fly2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackSame Kind Of Different2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackSend It On Down2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackSleeping With The Devil2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackThe Way I'm Livin'2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackTomorrow Night In Baltimore2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Lee Ann WomackWhen I Come Around2014Producer
(Chuck Ainley)
Mark Knopfler5.15 a.m.2004Producer
Mark KnopflerA Night In Summer Long Ago1996Producer
Mark KnopflerA Place Where We Used To Live2002Producer
Mark KnopflerAll That Matters2004Producer
Mark KnopflerAn American Hero1998Producer
Mark KnopflerAre We In Trouble Now1996Producer
Mark KnopflerBack To Tupelo2004Producer
Mark KnopflerBaloney Again2000Producer
Mark KnopflerBehind With The Rent2007Producer
Mark KnopflerBoom, Like That2004Producer
Mark KnopflerCamerado2000Producer
Mark KnopflerCannibals1996Producer
Mark KnopflerCoyote2002Producer
Mark KnopflerDaddy's Gone To Knoxville2002Producer
Mark KnopflerDarling Pretty1996Producer
Mark KnopflerDevil Baby2002Producer
Mark KnopflerDone With Bonaparte1996Producer
Mark KnopflerDonegan's Gone2004Producer
Mark KnopflerDon't Crash The Ambulance2004Producer
Mark KnopflerDon't You Get It1996Producer
Mark KnopflerDrooling National1998Producer
Mark KnopflerEl Macho2000Producer
Mark KnopflerEverybody Pays2004Producer
Mark KnopflerFare Thee Well Northumberland2002Producer
Mark KnopflerGolden Heart1996Producer
Mark KnopflerGravy Train1996Producer
Mark KnopflerHeart Full Of Holes2007Producer
Mark KnopflerHill Farmer's Blues2002Producer
Mark KnopflerI'm The Fool1996Producer
Mark KnopflerImelda1996Producer
Mark KnopflerIn The Heartland1998Producer
Mark KnopflerIn The Sky2007Producer
Mark KnopflerJe suis désolé1996Producer
Mark KnopflerJunkie Doll2000Producer
Mark KnopflerJust Instinct1998Producer
Mark KnopflerLet It All Go2007Producer
Mark KnopflerLet's See You2000Producer
Mark KnopflerMadame Geneva's2007Producer
Mark KnopflerMarbletown2002Producer
Mark KnopflerMy Claim To Fame1996Producer
Mark KnopflerNo Can Do1996Producer
Mark KnopflerNobody's Got The Gun1996Producer
Mark KnopflerOld Pigweed2002Producer
Mark KnopflerOne More Matinee2000Producer
Mark KnopflerOur Shangri-La2004Producer
Mark KnopflerPostcards From Paraguay2004Producer
Mark KnopflerPrairie Wedding2000Producer
Mark KnopflerPunish The Monkey2007Producer
Mark KnopflerQuality Shoe2002Producer
Mark KnopflerRüdiger1996Producer
Mark KnopflerSailing To Philadelphia2000Producer
Mark KnopflerSands Of Nevada2000Producer
Mark KnopflerSecondary Waltz2007Producer
Mark KnopflerSilvertown Blues2000Producer
Mark KnopflerSong For Sonny Liston2004Producer
Mark KnopflerSpeedway At Nazareth2000Producer
Mark KnopflerStand Up Guy2004Producer
Mark KnopflerStretching Out1998Producer
Mark KnopflerSucker Row2004Producer
Mark KnopflerSummer Of Love2004Producer
Mark KnopflerTall Order Baby1996Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Fish And The Bird2007Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Fizzy And The Still2007Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Long Highway2000Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Ragpicker's Dream2002Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Scaffolder's Wife2007Producer
Mark KnopflerThe Trawlerman's Song2004Producer
Mark KnopflerTrue Love Will Never Fade2007Producer
Mark KnopflerVic And Ray1996Producer
Mark KnopflerWag The Dog1998Producer
Mark KnopflerWanderlust2000Producer
Mark KnopflerWe Can Get Wild2007Producer
Mark KnopflerWe're Going To War1998Producer
Mark KnopflerWhat Have I Got To Do1996Producer
Mark KnopflerWhat It Is2000Producer
Mark KnopflerWhoop De Doo2004Producer
Mark KnopflerWho's Your Baby Now2000Producer
Mark KnopflerWhy Aye Man2002Producer
Mark KnopflerWorking On It1998Producer
Mark KnopflerYou Don't Know You're Born2002Producer
Mark Knopfler & Van MorrisonThe Last Laugh2000Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisAll The Roadrunning2005Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisBeachcombing2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisBelle Starr2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisBeyond My Wildest Dreams2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisDonkey Town2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisI Dug Up A Diamond2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisIf This Is Goodbye2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisLove And Happiness2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisRed Staggerwing2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisRight Now2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisRollin' On2006Producer
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou HarrisThis Is Us2006Producer
Miranda LambertAll Kinds Of Kinds2011Producer
Miranda LambertAnother Sunday In The South2014Producer
Miranda LambertAutomatic2014Producer
Miranda LambertBabies Makin' Babies2014Producer
Miranda LambertBaggage Claim2011Producer
Miranda LambertBathroom Sink2014Producer
Miranda LambertBetter In The Long Run2011Producer
Miranda LambertDear Diamond2011Producer
Miranda LambertEasy Living2011Producer
Miranda LambertFastest Girl In Town2011Producer
Miranda LambertFine Tune2011Producer
Miranda LambertGirls2014Producer
Miranda LambertGravity Is A B**ch2014Producer
Miranda LambertHard Staying Sober2014Producer
Miranda LambertHolding On To You2014Producer
Miranda LambertLittle Red Wagon2014Producer
Miranda LambertLook At Miss Ohio2011Producer
Miranda LambertMama's Broken Heart2011Producer
Miranda LambertNobody's Fool2011Producer
Miranda LambertOklahoma Sky2011Producer
Miranda LambertOld Sh!t2014Producer
Miranda LambertOver You2011Producer
Miranda LambertPlatinum2014Producer
Miranda LambertPriscilla2014Producer
Miranda LambertSafe2011Producer
Miranda LambertSame Old You2011Producer
Miranda LambertTwo Rings Shy2014Producer
Miranda Lambert feat. Little Big TownSmokin' And Drinkin'2014Producer
Miranda Lambert feat. The Time JumpersAll That's Left2014Producer
Miranda Lambert with Carrie UnderwoodSomethin' Bad2014Producer
Peter Frampton BandGeorgia On My Mind2019Producer
Peter Frampton BandI'm A King Bee2019Producer
Peter Frampton BandMe And My Guitar2019Producer
Peter Frampton BandSame Old Blues2019Producer
Peter Frampton BandShe Caught The Katy2019Producer
Peter Frampton BandYou Can't Judge A Book By The Cover2019Producer
Peter Frampton Band feat. Kim WilsonI Just Want To Make Love To You2019Producer
Peter Frampton Band feat. Larry CarltonAll Blues2019Producer
Peter Frampton Band feat. Sonny LandrethThe Thrill Is Gone2019Producer
Peter Frampton Band feat. Steve MorseGoing Down Slow2019Producer
Pistol AnniesBad Example2011Producer
Pistol AnniesBeing Pretty Ain't Pretty2013Producer
Pistol AnniesBlues, You're A Buzzkill2013Producer
Pistol AnniesDamn Thing2013Producer
Pistol AnniesDear Sobriety2013Producer
Pistol AnniesDon't Talk About Him, Tina2013Producer
Pistol AnniesFamily Feud2011Producer
Pistol AnniesGirls Like Us2013Producer
Pistol AnniesHush Hush2013Producer
Pistol AnniesI Feel A Sin Comin' On2013Producer
Pistol AnniesI Hope You're The End Of My Story2013Producer
Pistol AnniesLoved By A Workin' Man2013Producer
Pistol AnniesThe Hunter's Wife2011Producer
Pistol AnniesTrading One Heartbreak For Another2013Producer
Pistol AnniesTrailer For Rent2011Producer
Pistol AnniesUnhappily Married2013Producer
Speedway At Nazareth (Mark Knopfler)315.19
What It Is (Mark Knopfler)935.14
Silvertown Blues (Mark Knopfler)355
Golden Heart (Mark Knopfler)265
Red Staggerwing (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)265
Working On It (Mark Knopfler)75
We're Going To War (Mark Knopfler)65
Sailing To Philadelphia (Mark Knopfler)604.97
Heart Full Of Holes (Mark Knopfler)154.93
Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)184.89
The Last Laugh (Mark Knopfler & Van Morrison)264.88
Devil Baby (Mark Knopfler)174.88
5.15 a.m. (Mark Knopfler)254.88
Postcards From Paraguay (Mark Knopfler)244.88
The Trawlerman's Song (Mark Knopfler)224.86
Behind With The Rent (Mark Knopfler)144.86
Look At Miss Ohio (Miranda Lambert)64.83
Rüdiger (Mark Knopfler)234.83
Don't You Get It (Mark Knopfler)224.82
Done With Bonaparte (Mark Knopfler)234.78
What It Is (Mark Knopfler)935.14
Sailing To Philadelphia (Mark Knopfler)604.97
Why Aye Man (Mark Knopfler)464.74
Cannibals (Mark Knopfler)454.58
Boom, Like That (Mark Knopfler)454.44
Darling Pretty (Mark Knopfler)424.74
This Is Us (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)404.53
All The Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)374.49
Silvertown Blues (Mark Knopfler)355
Beachcombing (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)334.61
Speedway At Nazareth (Mark Knopfler)315.19
True Love Will Never Fade (Mark Knopfler)294.59
Golden Heart (Mark Knopfler)265
Red Staggerwing (Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris)265
The Last Laugh (Mark Knopfler & Van Morrison)264.88
5.15 a.m. (Mark Knopfler)254.88
Who's Your Baby Now (Mark Knopfler)254.76
Junkie Doll (Mark Knopfler)254.72
Wanderlust (Mark Knopfler)254.2
Postcards From Paraguay (Mark Knopfler)244.88

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