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Armored SaintAftermath1985Producer
Armored SaintConqueror1985Producer
Armored SaintFor The Sake1985Producer
Armored SaintIn The Hole1985Producer
Armored SaintLong Before I Die1985Producer
Armored SaintNervous Man1985Producer
Armored SaintOver The Edge1985Producer
Armored SaintReleased1985Producer
Armored SaintThe Laugh1985Producer
Armored SaintYou're Never Alone1985Producer
Bangalore ChoirAll Or Nothin'2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirAngel In Black2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirDoin' The Dance2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirFreight Train Rollin'2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirHold On To You2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirIf The Good Die Young (We'll Live Forever)2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirJust One Night2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirLoaded Gun2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirShe Can't Stop2010Producer
Bangalore ChoirSlippin' Away2010Producer
Black SabbathN.I.B.1969Producer
Black SabbathNever Say Die1978Producer
Coney HatchBurning Love1985Producer
Coney HatchComing To Get You1985Producer
Coney HatchFantasy1985Producer
Coney HatchGirl From Last Night's Dream1985Producer
Coney HatchHe's A Champion1985Producer
Coney HatchShe's Gone1985Producer
Coney HatchSome Like It Hot1983Producer
Coney HatchState Line1985Producer
Coney HatchThis Ain't Love1985Producer
Coney HatchWrong Side Of Town1985Producer
Dangerous ToysBones In The Gutter1989Producer
Dangerous ToysDemon Bell (The Ballad Of Horace Pinker)1989Producer
Dangerous ToysFeels Like A Hammer1989Producer
Dangerous ToysHere Comes Trouble1989Producer
Dangerous ToysOutlaw1989Producer
Dangerous ToysQueen Of The Nile1989Producer
Dangerous ToysScared1989Producer
Dangerous ToysSport'n A Woody1989Producer
Dangerous ToysTake Me Drunk1989Producer
Dangerous ToysTeas'n, Pleas'n1989Producer
Dangerous ToysTen Boots (Stompin')1989Producer
Dangerous ToysThat Dog1989Producer
Ian HunterAll Of The Good Ones Are Taken1983Producer
Ian HunterCaptain Void 'N' The Video Jets1983Producer
Ian HunterDeath 'N' Glory Boys1983Producer
Ian HunterEvery Step Of The Way1983Producer
Ian HunterFun1983Producer
Ian HunterSeeing Double1983Producer
Ian HunterSomething's Going On1983Producer
Ian HunterSpeechless1983Producer
Ian HunterThat Girl Is Rock 'N' Roll1983Producer
Lizzy BordenDen Of Thieves1987Producer
Lizzy BordenMe Against The World1987Producer
Loudness1000 Eyes1986Producer
LoudnessCrazy Night1984Producer
LoudnessLet It Go1986Producer
LoudnessNo Way Out1984Producer
Lynch MobAll I Want1990Producer
Lynch MobDance Of The Dog1990Producer
Lynch MobFor A Million Years1990Producer
Lynch MobHell Child1990Producer
Lynch MobNo Bed Of Roses1990Music/Lyrics
Lynch MobRain1990Producer
Lynch MobRiver Of Love1990Music/Lyrics
Lynch MobShe's Evil But She's Mine1990Producer
Lynch MobStreet Fightin' Man1990Producer
Lynch MobSweet Sister Mercy1990Producer
Lynch MobThrough These Eyes1990Producer
Lynch MobWicked Sensation1990Producer
Megadeth99 Ways To Die1993Producer
Megadeth tout le monde1994Producer
MegadethAddicted To Chaos1994Producer
MegadethAngry Again1993Producer
MegadethArchitecture Of Aggression1992Producer
MegadethAshes In Your Mouth1992Producer
MegadethBlack Curtains1994Producer
MegadethBlood Of Heroes1994Producer
MegadethCaptive Honour1992Producer
MegadethCountdown To Extinction1992Producer
MegadethCrown Of Worms1992Producer
MegadethElysian Fields1994Producer
MegadethFamily Tree1994Producer
MegadethForeclosure Of A Dream1992Producer
MegadethGo To Hell1992Producer
MegadethHigh Speed Dirt1992Producer
MegadethI Thought I Knew It All1994Producer
MegadethNew World Order1995Producer
MegadethReckoning Day1994Producer
MegadethSkin O' My Teeth1992Producer
MegadethSweating Bullets1992Producer
MegadethSymphony Of Destruction1992Producer
MegadethThe Killing Road1994Producer
MegadethThis Was My Life1992Producer
MegadethTrain Of Consequences1994Producer
Ozzy OsbourneBark At The Moon1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneBeliever1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneCentre Of Eternity1989Producer
Ozzy OsbourneDiary Of A Madman1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneFlying High Again1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneForever1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneLittle Dolls1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneNow You See It (Now You Don't)1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneOne Up The "B" Side1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneOver The Mountain1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneParanoid [Live]1982Producer
Ozzy OsbourneRock 'N' Roll Rebel1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneS.A.T.O.1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneSlow Down1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneSo Tired1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneSpiders1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneSymptom Of The Universe [Live]1982Producer
Ozzy OsbourneTonight1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneWaiting For Darkness1983Producer
Ozzy OsbourneYou Can't Kill Rock 'N' Roll1981Producer
Ozzy OsbourneYou're No Different1983Producer
SavatageFountain Of Youth1985Producer
SavatageHard For Love1985Producer
SavatageIn The Dream1985Producer
SavatagePower Of The Night1985Producer
SavatageSkull Session1985Producer
SavatageStuck On You1985Producer
SavatageWashed Out1985Producer
Ugly Kid JoeN.I.B.1994Producer
Voodoo XA Lover Like You1989Producer
Voodoo XDon't Bother Me1989Producer
Voodoo XHappy Birthday1989Producer
Voodoo XHave You Had Enough1989Producer
Voodoo XI'm On Fire1989Producer
Voodoo XInto The Night1989Producer
Voodoo XLike A Knife1989Producer
Voodoo XOne Riff (With A Lot Of Attitude)1989Producer
Voodoo XThe Awakening1989Producer
Voodoo XVoodoo Queen1989Producer
Voodoo XWhat Can I Do1989Producer
Y&TBarroom Boogie1982Producer
Y&TBlack Tiger1982Producer
Y&TDon't Wanna Lose1982Producer
Y&TFrom The Moon1982Producer
Y&THell Or High Water1982Producer
Y&TMy Way Or The Highway1982Producer
Y&TOpen Fire1982Producer
Y&TSomebody For Me2005Producer
Y&TWinds Of Change1982Producer
Waiting For Darkness (Ozzy Osbourne)85.12
You're No Different (Ozzy Osbourne)85.12
tout le monde (Megadeth)135
Diary Of A Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)114.91
N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)394.87
Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne)104.8
Flying High Again (Ozzy Osbourne)114.64
Skin O' My Teeth (Megadeth)84.62
So Tired (Ozzy Osbourne)184.61
Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)384.61
Paranoid (Megadeth)54.6
Architecture Of Aggression (Megadeth)54.6
Rock 'N' Roll Rebel (Ozzy Osbourne)74.57
Countdown To Extinction (Megadeth)84.5
Foreclosure Of A Dream (Megadeth)64.5
Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth)454.49
Never Say Die (Black Sabbath)224.45
You Can't Kill Rock 'N' Roll (Ozzy Osbourne)74.43
All Of The Good Ones Are Taken (Ian Hunter)54.4
N.I.B. (Ugly Kid Joe)64.33
Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth)454.49
N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)394.87
Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)384.61
Never Say Die (Black Sabbath)224.45
So Tired (Ozzy Osbourne)184.61
Train Of Consequences (Megadeth)144.07
Sweating Bullets (Megadeth)143.79
tout le monde (Megadeth)135
Diary Of A Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)114.91
Flying High Again (Ozzy Osbourne)114.64
Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne)104.8
Waiting For Darkness (Ozzy Osbourne)85.12
You're No Different (Ozzy Osbourne)85.12
Skin O' My Teeth (Megadeth)84.62
Countdown To Extinction (Megadeth)84.5
Rock 'N' Roll Rebel (Ozzy Osbourne)74.57
You Can't Kill Rock 'N' Roll (Ozzy Osbourne)74.43
Foreclosure Of A Dream (Megadeth)64.5
N.I.B. (Ugly Kid Joe)64.33
Paranoid (Megadeth)54.6

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