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Is part of: Chickenfoot
Adrenaline MobRomeo Delight2014Music/Lyrics
Apollo Four FortyAin't Talkin' 'Bout Dub1996Music/Lyrics
Aztec CameraJump1984Music/Lyrics
Bus StopJump Music/Lyrics
ChickenfootAlright Alright2011Producer
ChickenfootAvenida Revolucion2009Producer
ChickenfootBig Foot2011Music/Lyrics
ChickenfootCome Closer2011Producer
ChickenfootDifferent Devil2011Producer
ChickenfootDivine Termination2017Producer
ChickenfootDown The Drain2009Producer
ChickenfootDubai Blues2011Producer
ChickenfootFuture In The Past2009Music/Lyrics
ChickenfootGet It Up2009Producer
ChickenfootLast Temptation2011Producer
ChickenfootLearning To Fall2009Producer
ChickenfootLighten Up2011Producer
ChickenfootMy Kinda Girl2009Producer
ChickenfootOh Yeah2009Producer
ChickenfootRunnin' Out2009Producer
ChickenfootSexy Little Thing2009Producer
ChickenfootSoap On A Rope2009Producer
ChickenfootSomething Going Wrong2011Producer
ChickenfootThree And A Half Letters2011Producer
ChickenfootTurnin' Left2009Producer
ChickenfootUp Next2011Producer
DodaAin't Talkin' 'Bout Love2011Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieRunnin' With The Devil2005Music/Lyrics
Jon NørgaardWhy Can't This Be Love?2005Music/Lyrics
Pat BoonePanama1997Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaJump2004Music/Lyrics
Sammy Hagar & The CircleFull Circle Jam (Chump Change)2019Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. Pat MonahanDance The Night Away2010Music/Lyrics
The Roots feat. Patty CrashNever2014Music/Lyrics
Van Halen19841983Music/Lyrics
Van Halen51501986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenA.F.U. (Naturally Wired)1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenAin't Talkin' 'Bout Love1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenAnd The Cradle Will Rock...1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenAtomic Punk1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenBeautiful Girls1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenBest Of Both Worlds1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenBlack And Blue1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenBottoms Up!1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCabo Wabo1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCan't Get This Stuff No More1996Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCan't Stop Lovin' You1993Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCathedral1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCould This Be Magic?1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenCrossing Over1993Music/Lyrics
Van HalenD.O.A.1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenDance The Night Away1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenDirty Movies1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenDreams1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenDrop Dead Legs1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenEruption1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenEverybody Wants Some!!1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenFeel Your Love Tonight1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenFeels So Good1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenFinish What Ya Started1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenFools1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenGet Up1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenGirl Gone Bad1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenGive To Live1993Music/Lyrics
Van HalenGood Enough1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenHang 'Em High1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenHear About It Later1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenHot For Teacher1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenHouse Of Pain1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenHuman Being1996Music/Lyrics
Van HalenI'll Wait1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenI'm The One1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenIn A Simple Rhyme1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenInside1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenIntruder1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenJamie's Cryin'1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenJump1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenJump (Live)1993Music/Lyrics
Van HalenLight Up The Sky1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenLittle Dreamer1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenLittle Guitars1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenLoss Of Control1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenLove Walks In1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenMan On A Mission1991Music/Lyrics
Van HalenMe Wise Magic1996Music/Lyrics
Van HalenMean Street1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenMine All Mine1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenNot Enough1994Music/Lyrics
Van HalenOn Fire1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenOne Foot Out The Door1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenOne Way To Rock1993Music/Lyrics
Van HalenOutta Love Again1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenPanama1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenPoundcake1991Music/Lyrics
Van HalenPush Come To Shove1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenRight Now1991Music/Lyrics
Van HalenRomeo Delight1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenRunaround1991Music/Lyrics
Van HalenRunnin' With The Devil1977Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSecrets1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSinner's Swing!1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSo This Is Love?1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSomebody Get Me A Doctor1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSource Of Infection1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSpanish Fly1979Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSucker In A 3 Piece1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSummer Nights1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenSunday Afternoon In The Park1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenTake Your Whiskey Home1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenThe Full Bug1982Music/Lyrics
Van HalenTop Jimmy1983Music/Lyrics
Van HalenTop Of The World1991Music/Lyrics
Van HalenTora! Tora!1980Music/Lyrics
Van HalenUnchained1981Music/Lyrics
Van HalenWhen It's Love1988Music/Lyrics
Van HalenWhy Can't This Be Love1986Music/Lyrics
Van HalenWomen In Love1979Music/Lyrics
Jump (Van Halen)2395.06
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)565.02
Little Dreamer (Van Halen)104.9
Mean Street (Van Halen)94.89
Source Of Infection (Van Halen)54.8
Why Can't This Be Love (Van Halen)834.77
Feels So Good (Van Halen)144.71
Not Enough (Van Halen)144.71
Sucker In A 3 Piece (Van Halen)74.71
Women In Love (Van Halen)74.71
Love Walks In (Van Halen)194.63
Hear About It Later (Van Halen)54.6
Panama (Van Halen)494.59
Eruption (Van Halen)384.58
Somebody Get Me A Doctor (Van Halen)74.57
Soap On A Rope (Chickenfoot)74.57
On Fire (Van Halen)94.56
Black And Blue (Van Halen)94.56
Dreams (Van Halen)374.51
Finish What Ya Started (Van Halen)144.5
Jump (Van Halen)2395.06
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub (Apollo Four Forty)914.3
Why Can't This Be Love (Van Halen)834.77
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)565.02
Runnin' With The Devil (Van Halen)534.28
Panama (Van Halen)494.59
Can't Stop Lovin' You (Van Halen)394.49
Eruption (Van Halen)384.58
Hot For Teacher (Van Halen)384.32
Dreams (Van Halen)374.51
When It's Love (Van Halen)374.49
Dance The Night Away (Van Halen)324.47
Right Now (Van Halen)314.26
Poundcake (Van Halen)254.36
And The Cradle Will Rock... (Van Halen)254.36
Jump (Live) (Van Halen)243.75
I'll Wait (Van Halen)234.39
Love Walks In (Van Halen)194.63
Unchained (Van Halen)184.39
Jamie's Cryin' (Van Halen)183.94

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