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Andy Williams(They Long To Be) Close To You1970Producer
Andy WilliamsEl condor pasa1970Producer
Andy WilliamsJoanne1970Producer
Andy WilliamsLeaving On A Jet Plane1970Producer
Andy WilliamsMake It With You1970Producer
Andy WilliamsNever My Love1970Producer
Andy WilliamsSnowbird1970Producer
Andy WilliamsWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life1970Producer
Billy StrangeThe Rockford Files1975Music/Lyrics
Celvin RotaneTheme From Magnum1997Music/Lyrics
Dolly Parton9 To 51980Producer
Dolly PartonBut You Know I Love You1980Producer
Dolly PartonDark As A Dungeon1980Producer
Dolly PartonDeportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)1980Producer
Dolly PartonDetroit City1980Producer
Dolly PartonEveryday People2009Producer
Dolly PartonGod Won't Get You1983Producer
Dolly PartonHush-A-Bye Hard Times1980Producer
Dolly PartonPoor Folks Town1980Producer
Dolly PartonSing For The Common Man1980Producer
Dolly PartonTennessee Homesick Blues1983Producer
Dolly PartonThe House Of The Rising Sun1980Producer
Dolly PartonWhat A Heartache1983Producer
Dolly PartonWorking Girl1980Producer
Errol SoberHeart To Heart1979Producer
Errol SoberSomething's Goin' On1979Producer
Het FeestteamTa ta ta2002Music/Lyrics
Joey ScarburyDown The Backstairs (Of My Life)1981Producer
Joey ScarburyEverything But Love1981Producer
Joey ScarburyLittle Bit Of Us1981Producer
Joey ScarburyLove Me Like The Last Time1981Producer
Joey ScarburySome Of My Old Friends1981Producer
Joey ScarburyStolen Night1981Producer
Joey ScarburyTake This Heart Of Mine1981Producer
Joey ScarburyTheme From "The Greatest American Hero" (Believe It Or Not)1981Music/Lyrics
Joey ScarburyThere Is A River1981Producer
Joey ScarburyWhen She Dances1981Producer
John DavidsonI Want To Spend My Life With You1974Producer
John DavidsonWe Had It All1974Producer
John Gregory & His OrchestraThe Rockford Files1975Music/Lyrics
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionAlways Leaving, Always Gone1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionGirl Get Ahold Of Yourself1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionIt's A Crazy Afternoon1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionListen To The Music1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionMomma's Waiting1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionMy Washington Woman1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionNew Design1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionShe Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSunshine1969Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionSunshine Joe1970Producer
Kenny Rogers & The First EditionThen I Miss You1970Producer
Kenny Rogers with Whitney DuncahMy World Is Over2004Music/Lyrics
Lesley GoreNo Matter What You Do1965Music/Lyrics
Mason WilliamsAll The Times1968Producer
Mason WilliamsBaroque1968Producer
Mason WilliamsClassical Gas1968Producer
Mason WilliamsDylan Thomas1968Producer
Mason WilliamsHere Am I1968Producer
Mason WilliamsLife Song1968Producer
Mason WilliamsLong Time Blues1968Producer
Mason WilliamsOverture [The Mason Williams Phonograph Record]1968Music/Lyrics
Mason WilliamsShe's Gonna Away1968Producer
Mason WilliamsSunflower1968Producer
Mason WilliamsThe Prince's Panties1968Producer
Mason WilliamsWanderlove1968Producer
Mike Post6 Splash 241984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostB.A.'s Ride1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostBandits1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostBlade1975Producer
Mike PostDixie Lullabye1974Music/Lyrics
Mike PostGeorgia On My Mind1975Producer
Mike PostGumbus Red1982Music/Lyrics
Mike PostHelicopters1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostJenny's Ayre1987Music/Lyrics
Mike PostLaw & Order1990Music/Lyrics
Mike PostLay Back Lafayette1975Producer
Mike PostLet's Get Busted1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostManhattan Spiritual1975Producer
Mike PostMore Bandits1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostMove Sucker1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostMurdock's Face1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostPictures At An Exhibition1975Producer
Mike PostRailhead Overture1975Producer
Mike PostRiptide1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostShowtime1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostSouthbound1976Music/Lyrics
Mike PostTaxi Chase1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe A-Team1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe A-Team Escape1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe A-Team In New York1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe A-Team Prepare For War1984Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe Rockford Files1974Music/Lyrics
Mike PostThe Viking1975Producer
Mike PostTheme From "Baa Baa Black Sheep"1976Music/Lyrics
Mike PostTheme From L.A. Law1986Music/Lyrics
Mike PostTheme From Magnum P.I.1982Music/Lyrics
Mike PostWill The Circle Be Unbroken1975Producer
Mike PostWouldn't It Be Nice1975Producer
Mike PostYoung Hannibal1984Music/Lyrics
Mike Post CoalitionAfternoon Of The Rhino1969Music/Lyrics
Mike Post feat. Larry CarltonAaron's Tune1981Music/Lyrics
Mike Post feat. Larry CarltonTheme From 'Hill Street Blues'1981Music/Lyrics
Peter AllenAngels With Dirty Faces1979Producer
Peter AllenDon't Cry Out Loud1979Producer
Peter AllenDon't Wish Too Hard1977Producer
Peter AllenParis At 211979Producer
Peter AllenWe've Come To An Understanding1979Producer
Rachel ProctorDidn't I2004Music/Lyrics
Rodney FranklinHill Street Blues1981Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Bein' Natural Bein' Me1968Music/Lyrics
Shuky LevyL'agence tous risques1984Music/Lyrics
Spooky Tooth feat. Mike HarrisonNobody There At All1970Music/Lyrics
Terry WilliamsIf I Could Only Change Your Mind1970Producer
The A-Team OrchestraB.A.'s Ride1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraBandits!1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraHelicopters1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraLet's Get Busted1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraMore Bandits1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraMove, Sucker!1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraMurdock's "Face"1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraShowtime!1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraTaxi Chase1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraThe A-Team Escape1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraThe A-Team In New York1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraThe A-Team Prepare For War1984Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraTheme From The A-Team1982Music/Lyrics
The A-Team OrchestraYoung Hannibal1984Music/Lyrics
The Dream OrchestraThe B.A. Theme From The A-Team1984Music/Lyrics
The First EditionA Good Kind Of Hurt1968Producer
The First EditionA Patch Of Clear1968Producer
The First EditionAre My Thoughts With You?1968Producer
The First EditionCharlie The Fer De Lance1968Producer
The First EditionChurch Without A Name1967Producer
The First EditionDream On1967Music/Lyrics
The First EditionGood Time Liberator1969Producer
The First EditionHomemade Lies1967Producer
The First EditionHurry Up Love1967Music/Lyrics
The First EditionI Found A Reason1967Producer
The First EditionI Get A Funny Feeling1967Producer
The First EditionI Passed You By1968Producer
The First EditionI Was The Loser1967Producer
The First EditionIf I Could Only Change Your Mind1968Producer
The First EditionIf Wishes Were Horses1967Producer
The First EditionJust Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)1967Producer
The First EditionLook Around, I'll Be There1968Producer
The First EditionMarcia 2 A.M.1967Producer
The First EditionOnce Again She's All Alone1969Producer
The First EditionOnly Me1968Producer
The First EditionRainbows On A Cloudy Day1968Producer
The First EditionShadow In The Corner Of Your Mind1967Producer
The First EditionThe Sun Keeps On Rising1968Producer
The First EditionThings Can't Be So Sad1968Producer
The First EditionTicket To Nowhere1967Producer
Turley RichardsHoly Holy1978Producer
Turley RichardsUnder The Boardwalk1978Producer
Van HalenBallot Or The Bullet1998Producer
Van HalenDirty Water Dog1998Producer
Van HalenFire In The Hole1998Producer
Van HalenFrom Afar1998Producer
Van HalenHow Many Say I1998Producer
Van HalenJosephina1998Producer
Van HalenNeworld1998Producer
Van HalenOnce1998Producer
Van HalenOne I Want1998Producer
Van HalenPrimary1998Producer
Van HalenWithout You1998Producer
Van HalenYear To The Day1998Producer
Yves SegersZing maar mee medley2015Music/Lyrics
Classical Gas (Mason Williams)395.13
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (The First Edition)314.74
Theme From The A-Team (The A-Team Orchestra)154.73
But You Know I Love You (Dolly Parton)144.71
9 To 5 (Dolly Parton)1144.67
Tennessee Homesick Blues (Dolly Parton)154.6
The Rockford Files (Mike Post)214.43
What A Heartache (Dolly Parton)54.4
Theme From Magnum P.I. (Mike Post)244.29
Theme From "The Greatest American Hero" (Believe It Or Not) (Joey Scarbury)244.21
Detroit City (Dolly Parton)54.2
Sing For The Common Man (Dolly Parton)64
God Won't Get You (Dolly Parton)54
Theme From 'Hill Street Blues' (Mike Post feat. Larry Carlton)123.83
Poor Folks Town (Dolly Parton)63.83
Theme From Magnum (Celvin Rotane)113.82
Riptide (Mike Post)53.8
The A-Team (Mike Post)53.8
The House Of The Rising Sun (Dolly Parton)153.73
Hush-A-Bye Hard Times (Dolly Parton)53.6
9 To 5 (Dolly Parton)1144.67
Classical Gas (Mason Williams)395.13
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (The First Edition)314.74
Theme From Magnum P.I. (Mike Post)244.29
Theme From "The Greatest American Hero" (Believe It Or Not) (Joey Scarbury)244.21
The Rockford Files (Mike Post)214.43
Theme From The A-Team (The A-Team Orchestra)154.73
Tennessee Homesick Blues (Dolly Parton)154.6
The House Of The Rising Sun (Dolly Parton)153.73
But You Know I Love You (Dolly Parton)144.71
Theme From 'Hill Street Blues' (Mike Post feat. Larry Carlton)123.83
Theme From Magnum (Celvin Rotane)113.82
Sing For The Common Man (Dolly Parton)64
Poor Folks Town (Dolly Parton)63.83
What A Heartache (Dolly Parton)54.4
Detroit City (Dolly Parton)54.2
God Won't Get You (Dolly Parton)54
Riptide (Mike Post)53.8
The A-Team (Mike Post)53.8
Hush-A-Bye Hard Times (Dolly Parton)53.6

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